What is a Cement Tanker,How Long,How does a Cement Tanekr work?


If you want to use Cement Tankers better, then you should go to better understand it. Let me introduce you to the following:

What is a Cement Tanker?

There are several types of Cement Tanker, tanker, powder tanker, and powder material transporter. Its composition consists of several parts: powder tanker tank, gas pipeline system, special vehicle chassis, support tank device, automatic unloading device. Generally, it is used for the transportation of dry materials of particles with a particle size of not more than 0.1 mm. Generally, fly ash, cement, granular alkali, ore powder are generally transported.

According to the number of positions, the powder tanker can be divided into three warehouses and two warehouses. The shape of the tank is divided into several types: elliptical, round, and square. The tank part is composed of a head, a cylinder, a manhole cover and a fluidizing device.


The place of use is generally cement factory, large construction site, cement warehouse, etc. The cement tanker saves a lot of manpower and material resources and saves costs.

Cement Tanker Features:

1、The overall car center is relatively low, so it is very stable during the driving process.

2、In the case of such a tank, the volume is relatively large and the load is relatively large.

3、When used, whether it is unloading or loading, it is very simple and convenient to use.

4、The speed of unloading is relatively fast. This tank has only one bin, and the built-in pressure in the bin is fast. When unloading, the speed is very fast.

Panda Cement Tanker for sale disadvantage:

It can only be used for the transportation of better-preferred powders, and the transportation is very restrictive.

How long is a Cement Tanker?

The length of different Cement Tankers is different. The length of 2 Axle and 3 Axle is definitely different. Generally, the length of 3 Axle is 11700mm, and the length of 2 Axle is generally 8700mm. The thickness of different tanks is also different, generally 4mm. .

How does Cement Tanker Work?

Through the engine of the car as the power source, the power is transmitted through the gearbox of the gearbox, the additional drive shaft, etc., and then transmitted to the air compressor, and then the air is compressed into the tank through the air compressor, and then the fluid is passed through the fluidizing device. The fluidization of the granular material, because of the difference between the inside and outside of the tank, allows the particulate material to flow into the pipeline along with the air to the designated location.

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