55 CBM China Flour Tanker Trailer

Today, I will introduce this 55CBM Flour Tanker 3-Axle. This Trailer is mainly used to pull food. Its material is stainless steel. Its size is not fixed. 55 CBM Flour Tanker 3-Axle is a relatively popular fire. You can choose the model of the car according to your needs; Let's take a look at it:

3 Axle 71CBM Cement Tanker

Today, PANDA introduces you to 3 Axle 71CBM Cement Tanker. This type of car is used in Dubai. At present, we have cooperated with many companies in Dubai. Let's take a picture here. This picture is in the world. A photo taken in front of a tall building in Burj Khalifa:

55 CBM Cement Tanker

Today I am introducing 55 CBM Cement Tanker. The main products can be cement, lime, calcium carbonate and other powder materials. The loading rate can reach 97%, and 67 Ton cargo can be loaded. Generally, the powder tanker is used more. It is between 45CBM-55CBM.

45 CBM Cement Tanker 3Axle

Introducing a 45 CBM Cement Tanker 3 Axle today, this Trailer has a loading rate of 97% and can be loaded with 55Ton. This Trailer is a very hot product; if you don't know what kind of Trailer you should buy, you can contact us. We will help you find the right Trailer.

3 Axle Cement Tanker in Bolivia

The product introduced to you today is 3 Axle Cement Tanker in Bolivia. This Trailer is a lot of models sold in Bolivia. This Trailer is usually used by customers when buying. When the product is a powder material, the following words, take everyone to see.

2 Axle 38 CBM Cement Tanker in Indonesia

Today I introduced you to a 2 Axle 38CBM Cement Tanker. mainly to pull some powder and grain materials. The car is driven by the transmission system and the tank. The piping system, the auxiliary equipment, and the auxiliary beam are composed of several parts.

35 CBM Aluminum Cement Tanker

Today I introduce you to a PANDAN product, which is a 35CBM Aluminum Cement Tanker with an engine. The main function of this car is because some countries have a limited weight. If steel is used, the weight of the tank itself is relatively large.let's take a look at Cement Tanker.

2 Axle Container Trailer Price

The skeleton container trailer is specially used for the transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has high strength characteristics. The skeleton container semi-trailer can be widely used in modern logistics transportation.

3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer Price

Fule Tanker Trailer,It can also be called a mobile fuel truck, a petroleum truck, a diesel truck, etc. It is mainly used to transport and store some petroleum derivatives, such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricants, etc. Fuel tanker trailer Price.

Flated Trailer Price

Flated Trailer is a large truck that is often seen in life. It is widely used in large production or engineering sites such as factories and construction sites. There are many things that can be transported by flatbed trucks. Containers pipes are all possible.

3 Axle Low bed Trailer Price

A low bed trailer is a heavy-duty vehicle that is to transport heavy, wide, and tall cargo. he has three shapes, a concave beam type and a tire type, and a flat type. this front longitudinal Cao Yong is gooseneck type and flat shape,