45 CBM Cement Tanker 3Axle


Introducing a 45 CBM Cement Tanker for sale today, this Trailer has a loading rate of 97% and can be loaded with 55Ton. This Trailer is a very hot product; if you don’t know what kind of Trailer you should buy, you can contact us. We will help you find the right Trailer. If you don’t understand anything after reading, you can always contact us.

Quite Details:

Use:Cement Tanker
Material Steel
Certification:BV/ SASAO/ DOT/ ADR,Form E / ISO / CCC
Size 10900mm*2500mm*3800mm
OEM No.: 370112200313
Max Payload: 55T
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Name45 CBM Cement Tanker ,bulk cement truck trailer
Shape V Shape
Volume 45 CBM
Air Compressor:
Axle No.&Brand:
Tire12R22.5, Triangle Brand
Leaf Spring Suspension
King Pin:
JOST 2″(50mm)or3.5″(90mm)
Brake Valve:
E-Mail pandaten@pandamech.com

Cement Tanker Features:

  • 1.Cement Bulker itself has a thickness of 5mm, which can make the service life longer.
  • 2.The 12 pcs of belts used by Cement Bulker can make the unloading faster.
  • 3.Automatic welding used in safety, to ensure safety.
  • 4.Check the welding work of the 3rd Cement Bulk.
  • 5.Carefully handle the surface of the car: including the entire Paint bulker spray paint, putty, sandblasting.
  • 6.After-sales service is very important, we provide you with satisfactory after-sales service

Why Choose our Cement Tanker?

  • 1.The high toughness steel we use is very light, which saves fuel consumption.
  • 2.Use the best raw material YP> 620Mpa to ensure the solidity and structure of the body.
  • 3.Unloading speed is above 1.5T/min, which can improve efficiency.
  • 4. unique design, can make the loading rate more than 98%, can load more each time.
  • 5.The angle design of the tank is very reasonable, which can ensure the unloading speed is fast, the residual rate is less than 0.3%, and it is more economical.
  • 6.We will provide suggestions based on the needs of our customers to help them find the right model.

How much is the 45 CBM Cement Tanker 3Axle?

Only $19,600-25,600.