55 CBM China Flour Tanker Trailer


Today, I will introduce this 55CBM China Flour Tanker 3-Axle. This Trailer is mainly used to pull food. Its material is stainless steel. Its size is not fixed. 55 CBM Flour Tanker 3-Axle is a relatively popular fire. You can choose the model of the car according to your needs; our PANDA can also give you advice to help you choose the right Trailer. Let’s take a look at it:

Flour Tanker Images:


Flour Bulker Video:


PANDA offer china flour tanker trailer with electirical or compressor and we have flexibilatiy on technical specification of silo bulker trailer. PANDA MECH can offer competitive price and highest quality silo trailer.

Cement Tanker Flour Tanker Advantages:

  1. Material: Use high-strength wear-resistant steel, which can increase the life of Tailer.
  2. Welding: The welding is perfect, so as to improve safety and ensure no leakage; special welding method is welded from one side
    Yes, the sides are smooth and sturdy and even.
  3. The latest flow structure can increase the load-bearing capacity, reduce the center of gravity of the Trailer, discharge speed is fast, and the residual material is less. When the residual material machine is less than 50KG, the discharge speed can reach 1.53cbm/min.
  4. The use of domestic famous brand of accessories and components, such as Weichai engine, Bohai air compressor, Fuda air compressor, thus ensuring the quality of the product, saving operating and maintenance costs.
  5. The pipeline system is reasonably equipped with auxiliary fans and anti-wear devices. The unloading time is reduced and the unloading speed is increased.
  6. The Trailer frame uses high-strength steel, which is lighter in weight and can meet different road needs to ensure the impact, bump and torsion of the vehicle.

How much is the 55 CBM Flour Tanker?
US $13,990-25,720