Fuel Tanker Trailer/Oil Truck Trailer Price & user’s guidance


Today, I will explain the Fuel Tanker Trailer & Oil Truck Trailer for everyone to help you better use and choose.

The most basic part of the tank truck is composed of the tank body, the walking system, the braking system and the unloading system. The tank body is covered with a manhole cover. This hole is used for charging.

Capacity: length * width * height * 0.88 (density) = Ton


The function of the manhole cover is to prevent the oil from coming out. The manhole cover is generally made of aluminum alloy. We see that it is black because the aluminum alloy is carbonized. The diameter of the aluminum alloy is 500mm and 24 bolts (need to look down) Whether it is matched with your tank), there is a breathing valve inside the manhole cover. This breathing valve can replace the air, but the oil will not flow out. The purpose is to prevent the oil from bumping on the road.

Function :The top of the tank can be selected to protect the manhole cover. The purpose is to prevent the tanker from protecting the manhole cover from being damaged in the event of an accident, so that the oil inside will not flow out and reduce the loss.

There are two ways to load the tank:

one is to feed from the manhole cover above, and the other is to load directly from the discharge valve; if the bottom is loaded, there are some precautions. It is necessary to have two things on the manhole cover.

One is the anti-overflow probe. As the name implies, the purpose of this thing is to ensure that when the bottom is filled, once the oil is full, the signal will be automatically cut off. Continue to fill the oil.

Another thing is the oil and gas recovery interface, this oil and gas recovery interface is connected to the pipe in the warehouse, and then there is an interface at the bottom, the pipe is connected at the interface, and then connected to the oil depot; the oil and gas recovery interface The role is to prevent pollution of the environment first, but also to make rational use of resources and save money.

Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading & Vapour Recovery System.

Subsea valve: There is a subsea valve at the bottom of the tank. The purpose of the subsea valve is to protect the tank from oil. If there is no subsea valve, the accident will cause the pipe connected to the discharge valve to break, causing oil leakage. , economic loss. The subsea valve is very close to the tank and can provide an additional layer of protection for the pipeline, reducing economic losses.

Function: After the external force is large enough to be Chengdu, it will be disconnected directly to protect the oil inside the tank from loss.

Discharge valve: The discharge is divided into a three-inch ball valve and a 4-inch API. The 4-inch API is generally used.

Level gauge: can help us understand how much oil is inside the car.

Anti-static grounding reel: generally 15 meters long, when the oil is loaded and unloaded, the static electricity is exported to improve safety and prevent explosion.

How much is the Fuel Tanker Trailer/Oil Truck Trailer Price


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in conclusion:

The Fuel Tanker Trailer is designed to carry different types of fuel and oil. Each of these tank trailers has a specific manufacturing process, especially for cylinders. The body and internal structure of the tank are designed according to the type of cargo. Steel and aluminum alloys are mainly used to make bodywork for tank trailers.

It is important to select and maintain the correct model of the tank trailer due to the risks involved. Tank trailers carry dangerous gases and liquids that are harmful to human health. In the event of a leak, some liquids may explode and cause loss of life. Therefore, you must insist on buying tank trailers that follow the correct manufacturing process.

Care must be taken before purchasing a tank trailer. Inspection must also be carried out before loading or transporting any cargo on the trailer. Some of the most important components include cylinders or fuel tanks, welded joints, valves and pressure gauges.

The tank trailer operator must use the correct loading process, the top loading to ensure it is safe. In addition, the operator must drive the tanker smoothly, especially on wet roads, to avoid accidents. When driving at high speeds, especially near corners and bends, loaded trailers are prone to roll over.

Always check the body, tires, fittings and valves during regular maintenance procedures to keep your tank trailer in good condition. Choosing the right Oil Truck Trailer supplier is very important.